Class InitializationEvents

This static class is there to contain the different string definitions for all the events related to initialization.

Note that these events will only be triggered when the init function is called.

This means these events are normally called only once when the search interface is initialized.



Static afterComponentsInitialization

afterComponentsInitialization: string

Triggered after the components are initialized (eg: After the constructor of each component is executed) but before their state is set from the hash portion of the URL (e.g., http://mysearchinterface#q=myQuery).

This is also before the first query is launched (if the SearchInterface.options.autoTriggerQuery is true).

The string value is afterComponentsInitialization.



Static afterInitialization

afterInitialization: string

Triggered right after the UI is fully initialized.

Concretely this means that the constructor of each component has been executed, and that the state coming for the URL (e.g., http://mysearchinterface#q=myquery) has been applied.

It is triggered before the first query is launched, and if the SearchInterface.options.autoTriggerQuery is true.

The string value is afterInitialization.



Static beforeInitialization

beforeInitialization: string

This event is triggered right before each components inside the search interface get initialized (eg: Before the constructor of each component is executed).

The string value is beforeInitialization.



Static nuke

nuke: string

This is triggered when the UI needs to be dynamically removed so that components can unbind any internal handlers they might have set globally on the window or the document.

After this event has been executed, the search interface can be dynamically removed and all handlers can be considered cleanly removed.

The string value is nuke.



Static restoreHistoryState

restoreHistoryState: string

Triggered right before the state from the URL (e.g., http://mysearchinterface#q=myQuery) gets applied in the interface.

This will typically only be useful if the SearchInterface.options.enableHistory is set to true.

The string value is restoreHistoryState.




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