Class ResultListEvents

The ResultListEvents static class contains the string definitions of all events that strongly relate to the result list.

See Events.



Static changeLayout

changeLayout: string

Triggered by the [ResultLayout]{@link ResultLayout} component whenever the current result layout changes (see Result Layouts).

All changeLayout event handlers receive a ChangeLayoutEventArgs object as an argument.


{string} The string value is changeLayout.

Static newResultDisplayed

newResultDisplayed: string

Triggered each time the result list has just finished rendering a single result.

All newResultDisplayed event handlers receive a DisplayedNewResultEventArgs object as an argument.


{string} The string value is newResultDisplayed.

Static newResultsDisplayed

newResultsDisplayed: string

Triggered when the result list has just finished rendering the current page of results.


{string} The string value is newResultsDisplayed.

Static openQuickview

openQuickview: string

Triggered by the ResultLink result template component when its openQuickview option is set to true and the end user clicks the result link. The Quickview component listens to this event to be able to open the quickview modal window in reaction.

See also the openQuickview event (which is identical to this one, except that it is triggered by the [QuickviewDocument] result template component instead).

All openQuickview event handlers receive an OpenQuickviewEventArgs object as an argument


{string} The string value is openQuickview.


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