Class TemplateCache

Holds a reference to all template available in the framework



Static getDefaultTemplate

  • getDefaultTemplate(name: string): Template

Static getDefaultTemplates

  • getDefaultTemplates(): string[]

Static getResultListTemplateNames

  • getResultListTemplateNames(): string[]

Static getTemplate

  • getTemplate(name: string): Template

Static getTemplateNames

  • getTemplateNames(): string[]

Static getTemplates

  • getTemplates(): object

Static registerTemplate

  • registerTemplate(name: string, template: any, publicTemplate?: boolean, defaultTemplate?: boolean, resultListTemplate?: boolean): void
  • Register a new template in the framework, which will be available to render any results.


    • name: string
    • template: any
    • Default value publicTemplate: boolean = true
    • Default value defaultTemplate: boolean = false
    • Default value resultListTemplate: boolean = false

    Returns void

Static unregisterTemplate

  • unregisterTemplate(name: any): void


  • TemplateCache