Interface IComponentLocalizedStringOptionArgs

The IComponentLocalizedStringOptionArgs interface describes the available parameters when building a fields option.



Optional alias

alias: string | string[]

Specifies an alias, or array of aliases, which can be used instead of the actual option name.


This can be useful to modify an option name without introducing a breaking change.

Optional attrName

attrName: string

Specifies a different markup name to use for an option, rather than the standard name (i.e., data- followed by the hyphened name of the option).


This should only be used for backward compatibility reasons.

Optional defaultFunction

defaultFunction: function

Specifies a function that should return the value the option must take when no other value is explicitly specified.


The HTMLElement on which the current option is being parsed.


The default value of the option.

Type declaration

    • (element: HTMLElement): string
    • Parameters

      • element: HTMLElement

      Returns string

Optional defaultValue

defaultValue: string

Use localizedString instead. Using this option could cause localized string to appear incorrectly translated in the interface.

Optional depend

depend: string

Specifies the name of a boolean component option which must be true in order for this option to function properly.


This is mostly useful for the Coveo JavaScript Interface Editor.

Optional deprecated

deprecated: string

Specifies a message that labels the option as deprecated. This message appears in the console upon initialization if the deprecated option is used in the page. Consequently, this message should explain as clearly as possible why the option is deprecated, and what now replaces it.


Deprecated options do not appear in the Coveo JavaScript Interface Editor.

Optional postProcessing

postProcessing: IComponentOptionsPostProcessing<string>

Specifies a function that should allow a component option to further modify its own value once all other options of that component have been built.


By default, the id option of the Facet component uses a post processing function to set its value to that of the field option.

Optional required

required: boolean

Specifies whether it is necessary to explicitly specify a value for the option in order for the component to function properly.


The field option of the Facet component is required, since a facet cannot function properly without a field.

Optional section

section: string

Specifies a section name inside which the option should appear in the Coveo JavaScript Interface Editor.

Optional validator

validator: function

Specifies a function that should indicate whether the option value is valid.


The option value to validate.


true if the option value is valid; false otherwise.

Type declaration

    • (value: string): boolean
    • Parameters

      • value: string

      Returns boolean