Interface IQueryOptions

Possible options when performing a query with the query controller



Optional beforeExecuteQuery

beforeExecuteQuery: function

Specify a function that you wish to execute just before the query is executed

Type declaration

    • (): void
    • Returns void

Optional cancel

cancel: boolean

Cancel the query

Optional ignoreWarningSearchEvent

ignoreWarningSearchEvent: boolean

If the analytics component is enabled in the interface, it will look for any query executed by the query controller for which no analytics event was associated.
By setting this property to true, this will cancel this check when the query is performed

Optional logInActionsHistory

logInActionsHistory: boolean

Whether or not to log the query in the user actions history when using the page view script: Only the 'q' part of the query will be logged. This option is useful, because it prevents the query to be logged twice when a Recommendation component is present. It also makes sure that only relevant queries are logged. For exemple, the 'empty' interface load query isn't logged.

Optional origin

origin: any

The component from which the query originated. For example the pager will set the property to tweak it's behaviour

Optional searchAsYouType

searchAsYouType: boolean

Whether the query to execute is a search-as-you-type. This information will be passed down in the query events for component and external code to determine their behavior


  • IQueryOptions