Interface IQuerySuggestRequest

The IQuerySuggestRequest interface describes a request to the Coveo Machine Learning service query suggest.



Optional actionsHistory

actionsHistory: any[]

Specfies the actions history which represents the past actions a user made. It is generated by the page view script (

Optional context

context: IStringMap<any>

Specifies the context to use for the request.

Optional count

count: number

Specifies the number of suggestions that the Coveo Machine Learning service should return.

Default value is 5.

Optional enableWordCompletion

enableWordCompletion: boolean

Specifies whether to attempt to complete the last word of the current "q" parameter and boost the ranking score of the resulting expression so that it is returned as the first query suggestion.

Optional isGuestUser

isGuestUser: boolean

Whether the current user is anonymous. This can be specified when configuring the SearchEndpoint.

Optional locale

locale: string

The locale of the current user. Will typically match the "language" parameter that is used to perform standard queries.

Optional pipeline

pipeline: string

Specifies the pipeline to use for the request.


q: string

Specifies the query / word for which to get completion.

Optional referrer

referrer: string

Specifies the third level of origin of the request, typically the URL of the page that linked to the search interface from which the request originates (e.g., in JavaScript, this would correspond to the document.referrer value).

Optional searchHub

searchHub: string

Specifies the search hub for which to get suggestions.

Optional tab

tab: string

Specifies the second level of origin of the request, typically the identifier of the selected tab from which the request originates.

Optional timezone

timezone: string

The tz database identifier of the time zone to use to correctly interpret dates in the query expression and result items.

Optional visitorId

visitorId: string

A GUID representing the current user, who can be authenticated or anonymous. This GUID is normally generated by the usage analytics service and stored in a non-expiring browser cookie.



  • IQuerySuggestRequest