Class AnalyticsEvents

The AnalyticsEvents static class contains the string definitions of all events that strongly relate to usage analytics.

See Events.



Static analyticsEventReady

analyticsEventReady: string

Triggered when any event (i.e., search, click, or custom) is about to be logged.

All analyticsEventReady event handlers receive an AnalyticsEventArgs object as an argument.

Static changeAnalyticsCustomData

changeAnalyticsCustomData: string

Triggered whenever an analytics event is about to be logged.

This event allows external code to modify the analytics data before it is sent to the Coveo Usage Analytics REST service.

All changeAnalyticsCustomData event handlers receive a ChangeAnalyticsCustomDataEventArgs object as an argument.


{string} The string value is changeAnalyticsCustomData.

Static documentViewEvent

documentViewEvent: string

Triggered when a click analytics event is logged (e.g., when the end user clicks a ResultLink or Quickview to open a query result item).

All documentViewEvent event handlers receive an AnalyticsDocumentViewEventArgs object as an argument.


{string} The string value is documentViewEvent.


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