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Interface IChangeAnalyticsCustomDataEventArgs

Interface IChangeAnalyticsCustomDataEventArgs

Argument sent to all handlers bound on AnalyticsEvents.changeAnalyticsCustomData.

It extends the IChangeableAnalyticsDataObject interface.

Take note that only the attributes described by IChangeableAnalyticsDataObject can be modified by external code.




actionCause: string

The cause of the event.

All analytics events triggered by a different component will use a different action cause.

For example, triggering a query by using the search box will send a searchBoxSubmit actionCause.

Triggering a query with a facet selection, on the other hand, will send a facetSelect.


actionType: string

The type of the event.

The type is normally a generic string that regroups all events triggered by the same feature or component.

For example, all analytics events related to the Searchbox will all use the same actionType.

Analytics events related to Facets, on the other hand, would use a different actionType.


language: string

The language of the search interface.

By default, this will be populated by the currently loaded localization and culture file for the search interface.


The metadata for the current event.

External code can modify an existing value, or add a new key - value pair.


originLevel1: string

The originLevel1 property can be used to describe the high level origin of the event.

For example, this can be the location of the search page, or any name that allows you to uniquely identify a search interface.

If not provided, this value will be default.


originLevel2: string

The originLevel2 property can be used to describe the mid level origin of the event.

By default, the framework will populate this with the currently selected tab.


originLevel3: string

The originLevel3 property can be used to describe the low level origin of the event.

By default, this property will be left empty.


type: "SearchEvent" | "CustomEvent" | "ClickEvent"

The type of the event that was just triggered.

This can help external code to discriminate the event that it wishes to modify.