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Coveo component AnalyticsSuggestions

Coveo AnalyticsSuggestions Component (CoveoAnalyticsSuggestions)

The AnalyticsSuggestion component provides query suggestions based on the queries that a Coveo Analytics service most commonly logs.

This component orders possible query suggestions by their respective number of successful item views, thus prioritizing the most relevant query suggestions. Consequently, when better options are available, this component does not suggest queries resulting in no clicks from users or requiring refinements.

The query suggestions appear in the Omnibox Component. The AnalyticsSuggestion component strongly relates to the Analytics component. While a user is typing in a query box, the AnalyticsSuggestion component allows them to see and select the most commonly used and relevant queries.


This component is exposed for legacy reasons. If possible, you should avoid using this component. Instead, you should use the Omnibox enableQuerySuggestAddon option.




  • debugInfo(): any


  • disable(): void
  • Disable the component. Normally this means that the component will not execute handlers for the framework events (query events, for example). Component are enabled by default on creation.

    Returns void


  • enable(): void
  • Enable the component. Normally this means that the component will execute handlers for the framework events (query events, for example). Components are enabled by default on creation.

    Returns void



  • selectSuggestion(suggestion: number): any
  • Selects a currently displayed query suggestion. This implies that at least one suggestion must have been returned at least once. The suggestion parameter can either be a number (0-based index position of the query suggestion to select) or a string that matches the suggestion.


    • suggestion: number

    Returns any

Static get

  • get(element: HTMLElement, componentClass?: any, noThrow?: boolean): BaseComponent
  • Get the bound component to the given HTMLElement. Throws an assert if the HTMLElement has no component bound, unless using the noThrow argument.
    If there is multiple component bound to the current HTMLElement, you must specify the component class.


    • element: HTMLElement

      HTMLElement for which to get the bound component.

    • Optional componentClass: any

      Optional component class. If the HTMLElement has multiple components bound, you must specify which one you are targeting.

    • Optional noThrow: boolean

      Boolean option to tell the method to not throw on error.

    Returns BaseComponent



Allows the component to bind events and execute them only when it is enabled.




componentOptionsModel: ComponentOptionsModel

Contains the state of options for differents component. Mainly used by ResultLink.


componentStateModel: ComponentStateModel

Contains the state of different component (enabled vs disabled). Allows to get/set values. Trigger component state event when modified. Each component can listen to those events.


disabled: boolean

A disabled component will not participate in the query, or listen to ComponentEvents.




logger: Logger

Allows component to log in the dev console.


queryController: QueryController

Contains the singleton that allows to trigger queries.


queryStateModel: QueryStateModel

Contains the state of the query. Allows to get/set values. Trigger query state event when modified. Each component can listen to those events.


root: HTMLElement

A reference to the root HTMLElement (the SearchInterface).


searchInterface: SearchInterface

A reference to the root of every component, the SearchInterface.


usageAnalytics: IAnalyticsClient

A reference to the Analytics.client.

Static ID

ID: string

The static ID that each component need to be identified.
For example, SearchButton -> static ID : SearchButton -> className : CoveoSearchButton

Component Options


headerTitle: string

Specifies the title of the query suggestions group in the Omnibox component. This option is not available when using the default Lightning Friendly Theme (see Lightning Friendly Theme).

Default value is the localized string for "Suggested Queries".

Markup configuration example(s) :


numberOfSuggestions: number

Specifies the number of query suggestions to request and display in the Omnibox component.

Default value is 5 and minimum value is 1.

Markup configuration example(s) :


omniboxZIndex: number

Specifies the z-index position at which the query suggestions render themselves in the Omnibox component. Higher values are placed first.

Default value is 52 and minimum value is 0.

Markup configuration example(s) :



  • Creates a new AnalyticsSuggestions component.

    Also binds event handlers so that when a user selects a suggestion, an omniboxFromLink usage analytics event is logged if the suggestion comes from a standalone search box, or an omniboxAnalytics usage analytics event is logged otherwise.


    • element: HTMLElement

      The HTMLElement on which to instantiate the component.

    • options: IAnalyticsSuggestionsOptions

      The options for the AnalyticsSuggestions component.

    • Optional bindings: IComponentBindings

      The bindings that the component requires to function normally. If not set, these will be automatically resolved (with a slower execution time).

    Returns AnalyticsSuggestions