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Coveo component FieldSuggestions

Coveo FieldSuggestions Component (CoveoFieldSuggestions)

The FieldSuggestions component provides query suggestions based on a particular facet field. For example, you could use this component to provide auto-complete suggestions while the end user is typing the title of an item.

The query suggestions provided by this component appear in the Omnibox component.




  • debugInfo(): any


  • disable(): void
  • Disable the component. Normally this means that the component will not execute handlers for the framework events (query events, for example). Component are enabled by default on creation.

    Returns void


  • enable(): void
  • Enable the component. Normally this means that the component will execute handlers for the framework events (query events, for example). Components are enabled by default on creation.

    Returns void



  • selectSuggestion(suggestion: any): void
  • Selects a currently displayed query suggestion. This implies that at least one suggestion must have been returned at least once.


    • suggestion: any

      Either a number (0-based index position of the query suggestion to select) or a string that matches the suggestion to select.

    Returns void

Static get

  • get(element: HTMLElement, componentClass?: any, noThrow?: boolean): BaseComponent
  • Get the bound component to the given HTMLElement. Throws an assert if the HTMLElement has no component bound, unless using the noThrow argument.
    If there is multiple component bound to the current HTMLElement, you must specify the component class.


    • element: HTMLElement

      HTMLElement for which to get the bound component.

    • Optional componentClass: any

      Optional component class. If the HTMLElement has multiple components bound, you must specify which one you are targeting.

    • Optional noThrow: boolean

      Boolean option to tell the method to not throw on error.

    Returns BaseComponent



Allows the component to bind events and execute them only when it is enabled.




componentOptionsModel: ComponentOptionsModel

Contains the state of options for differents component. Mainly used by ResultLink.


componentStateModel: ComponentStateModel

Contains the state of different component (enabled vs disabled). Allows to get/set values. Trigger component state event when modified. Each component can listen to those events.


disabled: boolean

A disabled component will not participate in the query, or listen to ComponentEvents.




logger: Logger

Allows component to log in the dev console.


queryController: QueryController

Contains the singleton that allows to trigger queries.


queryStateModel: QueryStateModel

Contains the state of the query. Allows to get/set values. Trigger query state event when modified. Each component can listen to those events.


root: HTMLElement

A reference to the root HTMLElement (the SearchInterface).


searchInterface: SearchInterface

A reference to the root of every component, the SearchInterface.


usageAnalytics: IAnalyticsClient

A reference to the Analytics.client.

Static ID

ID: string

The static ID that each component need to be identified.
For example, SearchButton -> static ID : SearchButton -> className : CoveoSearchButton

Component Options


Specifies the facet field from which to provide suggestions.

Specifying a value for this option is required for the FieldSuggestions component to work.

Markup configuration example(s) :


headerTitle: string

Specifies the title of the result suggestions group in the Omnibox component. If not provided, the component will simply not output any title.

Default value is null.

Markup configuration example(s) :


numberOfSuggestions: number

Specifies the number of suggestions to render in the Omnibox.

Default value is 5. Minimum value is 1.

Markup configuration example(s) :


omniboxZIndex: number

Specifies the z-index position at which the suggestions render themselves in the Omnibox.

When there are multiple suggestion providers, components with higher omniboxZIndex values render themselves first.

Default value is 51. Minimum value is 0.

Markup configuration example(s) :


onSelect: ISuggestionForOmniboxOptionsOnSelect

Specifies the event handler function to execute when the end user selects a suggested value in the Omnibox. By default, the query box text is replaced by what the end user selected and a new query is executed. You can, however, replace this default behavior by providing a callback function to execute when the value is selected.


You cannot set this option directly in the component markup as an HTML attribute. You must either set it in the init call of your search interface (see Components - Passing Component Options in the init Call), or before the init call, using the options top-level function (see Components - Passing Component Options Before the init Call).


var myOnSelectFunction = function(selectedValue, populateOmniboxEventArgs) {

  // Close the suggestion list when the user clicks a suggestion.

  // Search for matching title results in the default endpoint.
    q: "@title=='" + selectedValue + "'"
  }).done(function(results) {

    // If more than one result is found, select a result that matches the selected title.
    var foundResult = Coveo._.find(results.results, function(result) {
      return selectedValue == result.raw.title;

    // Open the found result in the current window, or log an error.
    if (foundResult) {
      window.location = foundResult.clickUri;
    else {
      new Coveo.Logger.warn("Selected suggested result '" + selectedValue + "' not found.");

// You can set the option in the 'init' call:
Coveo.init(document.querySelector("#search"), {
   FieldSuggestions : {
     onSelect : myOnSelectFunction

// Or before the 'init' call, using the 'options' top-level function:
// Coveo.options(document.querySelector("#search"), {
//   FieldSuggestions : {
//     onSelect : myOnSelectFunction
//   }
// });


queryOverride: string

Specifies a query override to apply when retrieving suggestions. You can use any valid query expression (see Coveo Query Syntax Reference).

Default value is the empty string, and the component applies no query override.

Markup configuration example(s) :



  • Creates a new FieldSuggestions component.


    • element: HTMLElement

      The HTMLElement on which to instantiate the component.

    • options: IFieldSuggestionsOptions

      The options for the FieldSuggestions component.

    • Optional bindings: IComponentBindings

      The bindings that the component requires to function normally. If not set, these will be automatically resolved (with a slower execution time).

    Returns FieldSuggestions